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Our Story
It all began one day in the Bartone's kitchen....

If you dig deep enough in the scrapbook you'll find pictures of a boundless Italian family gathered around a few long tables arrayed with meals that had been prepared all throughout the day. I remember being in the back seat of the blue Astro van with my brother and sister headed to Nonni and Papa's house for "Sunday Dinner." You could smell that rich Italian aroma before being greeted by Armando, or "Papa" as we all called our grandfather. I remember him tending to his garden at sunset while the cousins played cards and threw darts and the parents would all be in several conversations at once. There was always one thing that remained a certainty: the food. It was always cooked with love and patience and seemed endless at dinner time! The family would help set up and break down the tables and chairs and have a glass of vino or cup of coffee while finishing the dishes up together. Looking back on those Sunday dinners, I really discerned just how "comfort" that food really was. Sunday dinner at Nonni and Papa's house always meant family, and that was the true recipe that tied us all together.

Food has always been more than just a means to survival. In our home we sat down and shared our meals and counted our blessings. Breaking bread together has always "captured the power of a meal to forge relationships, bury anger, provoke laughter. Children make mud pies, have tea parties, trade snacks to make friends, and mimic the rituals of adults. They celebrate with sweets from the time of their first birthday, and the association of food with love will continue throughout life." These are words I have always admired. When your guests enjoyed their food, are delighted with the catering experience, paused to take a picture of your work and proclaimed how great of an experience they had, therein lies the true reward. Food is a universal language and making people happy is a gift in itself and I believe every chef  across the grid would agree.

Bartone Catering, LLC was established on January 1st of 2017, but this was certainly not the beginning of the business. Since I could reach the kitchen counter I have been cooking, serving, and ultimately catering events for 20 plus years...and after getting a great education in some of the best kitchens during that period, I thought it was finally time to take the next step. I am excited to watch this family company grow and eager to hear from you.


Chef Jake Bartone

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